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Guest gift wedding / baptism guest gift

With our custom-made gift for wedding guests or guest gift for baptisms, you kill two birds with one stone. First set up as a wedding decoration or christening decoration, each guest can be given an Infinity Rose as a guest gift when saying goodbye.


And this guest gift even went through the whole wedding and contributed to your perfect wedding. Roses that celebrated and danced along and which can be kept for up to 3 years are perfect as a gift for guests.


If you do not plan to give a guest gift, we can also drape this large number of Infinity Roses into beautiful vases for your own use afterwards. Very exclusive rose bouquets can be created for your home with such a large number. This will be a real eye-catcher and your wedding decoration will be transformed into a home accessory of a special and exclusive kind!

Your wedding decoration will be transformed into a guest gift or an exclusive home accessory and will give pleasure even after the wedding for up to 3 years. It reminds you of a successful wedding!


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