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Interesting facts about roses

"The queen of flowers" - as the Greek poet Sappho 600 BC. Christ called the rose - is also on everyone's lips today and is the most popular of all flowers. This is hardly surprising since the rose has a symbolic meaning for love, beauty, passion, youth and secrecy. The rose is the love flower par excellence.


Roses have been around longer than there have been people. Fossil finds indicate that roses have been around in the northern hemisphere for over 25 million years. Already 2700 years BC Christ roses were cultivated as ornamental plants.


Roses were worshiped in ancient Greece and Aphrodite / Venus - the goddess of love and beauty - was born from the foam of the sea with a white rose bush.


In the Roman Empire, roses were a coveted luxury item. In the Middle Ages the rose became a symbol of Christianity.

The rose was cultivated in Europe from the 16th century and the rose is still the most popular and best-selling flower today.


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