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Buy rose box / flowerbox with Infinity roses


Infinity roses from RosenBouquet are real roses that were freshly picked at the time of their most beautiful bloom and preserved for you.

They fill your rooms with color and timeless beauty for years.

With a lot of love and passion, we have hand-draped the high-quality roses in Switzerland for you.

Only the highest quality Infinity roses on the market are draped in our elegant rose boxes. This is what makes our Swiss rose boxes.

If you want to add a personal message as a greeting card, this option is possible in the order process.

At, Infinity roses look and feel like freshly picked roses, because only the best is good enough for our customers and we drape only the most beautiful and highest everlasting roses in our beautiful and timeless rose boxes created by designers.


Our rose box / flowerbox will give you or the recipient pleasure in the beauty of the roses for a long time.

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