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This necklace with a pendant and a zirconia stone, which is set in a 6-prong chaton setting, is made of 925 silver and is with the following 3 finishing coatings available:


  • Yellow gold plated
  • Rose gold plated
  • rhodium plated (tarnish protection for 925 silver jewelry, rhodium is a lot more expensive than gold).


This jewellery, in the jewellery box with real Roses, freshly picked at the time of their most beautiful bloom and preserved for you, are the perfect gift idea for your stylish wife or girlfriend.

Our Infinity roses have a shelf life of up to 3 years.


This jewellery box has the dimensions 20 x 7.3cm.

925 necklace with zirconia pendant 6-prong / jewellery box

SKU: ColAnh1
Rose Color
Jewellery color
  • Kategorie Halsschmuck
    Schmuckart Collier mit Anhänger
    Schmuckmaterial 925 Silber
    Veredelung rhodiniert oder vergoldet
    Schmuckfarbe Gelbgold / Roségold / Silber

    Collier: 42cm - 45cm (verstellbar)


    Anhänger: 8mm


    ca. 2.5 Gramm

    Steinart Zirkonia


    Zielgruppe Damen


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